Assured 700+ GMAT Coaching and MBA Admissions advice based on real-life experiences

Our advice is based by more than 3 decades of real-life post MBA experience coupled with 20 years of assisting students get in the top 50 MBA schools

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About Us

We don't only look at your GMAT scores; we help you present your best self

We believe each student has a unique life story and if told properly, each story can be articulated as a story of leadership, failure, learning and demonstrate great experience. Our consultants with their rich industry experience and global network will help you frame your story which puts you in the best light

Our team

Each consultant has a minimum of ten years of experience post their MBA and they have an MBA from world's top 50 schools

Our focus

Our relentless focus is to work with you and understand your life journey, your future career aspirations and how to help you get there

Our differentiation

Unlike other consultants, we have 15 years of corporate experience post the MBA. So, we know what it means to be in your shoes

Our approach

We provide more face time to our students, use various management frameworks to articulate your goals and life stories and will not stop till you make it

Our Videos

Unique strategies to attempt Verbal questions - Live Interactive webinar ft. Indradeep Mazumdar

Introduction to our GMAT Coaching Program

Introduction to our Admission Consulting Program

Getting the best out of an MBA ft. ISB Alum

Ankit's Testimonial - GMAT Coaching and Admission consulting


Personalised GMAT coaching

  1. Guaranteed 700+ score
  2. 20 classes (30 hours) - 7 verbal, 7 quant, 1 IR/AWA, 2 strategy discussion, 3 mock tests.
  3. Time duration- 2 to 3 months
  4. Unlimited classes until the 700+ GMAT score
  5. Interactive Chat with the tutor
  6. Recording of the classes
  7. Reading materials
  8. Individual doubt clearing session
Price : Rs. 1.5 lakhs

Accelerated Doubt clearing sessions

  1. Mainly Focused on improving section performance.
  2. Deep focused 1 and half hour session.
  3. Especially for the students who are self preparing.
  4. Covering all the priority areas/weaker areas of you in a customized proctored way
  5. Interactive Chat with the tutor, Recording of the classes, Reading materials
  6. Computer adaptive tests, Whatsapp chat support

Price : 5 sessions – Rs.25,000
10 sessions – Rs. 50,000


Exclusive programme for ISB Admission

More than 100 of our students got into ISB over the last decade

What do you get

  • Best Professional business resume for your ISB applications

  • Perfect essay to present yourself in the best way to the AdCom

  • Face to Face interaction with ISB alumni and the member of AdCom

  • 1 on 1 Career advice for the students throughout the process

What do we do

Program Itinerary

  • Career discovery

  • Detailed career maping

  • Free recorded GMAT classes

  • One on one doubt clearing sessions

  • Resume writing

  • Networking & discussion

  • Application and essays

  • **note: Scholarship available for GMAT high score candidates

Schools our students have gone in


+ Years of Experience among our consultants


Students pursuing MBA worldwide


Senior Consultant hours per application


Whether you have a very unique profile (literature student), a very common profile (Indian IT male) or a business profile (consultant, entrepreneur) we know how to make your stories stand out

College selection

Our proprietary AI software, Profiler has been built using more than 1,000 data points of actual students and is the backbone of our college selection process. It considers your background, your profile and your career goals to identify the best college for you

Strengths and weakness

Our proprietary AI software, Profiler considers your background and through a series of questions, maps the skills you possess against the skills you need to acquire to meet your preferred your short term and long term goals; ultimately confirming your need for MBA

Resume writing

Writing a business resume requires a structured outcome focused approach and our consultants are industry experts who have worked with many corporates and helped them look for work. We have also helped students draft their perfect application resume.

Application essays

We have successfully assisted 1,000s of students get in their college of choice - articulating your life stories and your career goals is the most important part of the application; we know how to structure your thinking and present yourself in the best way

Profile building

It all starts with your profile - if you have a stellar profile, writing essays and preparing your application is that much simpler; you can't change the past but you can most certainly improve your chances of selection by working on your profile

Video essays

Video essays are an integral part of many college applications and more so in the current scenario. Learn from our consultants on how to improve your confidence, your enunciation and how to focus on content


Following are some of our student testimonials


We offer our services in the following 3 packages

1 college package


5 college package


Frequently Asked Questions

  • That is a very good question - the short answer is no; if you have enough time on your hand, strong database of past students and which colleges are more likely to accept students like you and a good structured thinking that demonstrates retrospection, introspection and clarity of thoughts, then you don't need assistance; however if you don't, speak with us and let us explain what the process is for you to then see if you actually need help or not

  • There is an initial free 30 minute consultation with one of our consultants. Based on your needs, we identify which service is relevant to you. Following that, we start our consulting process to understand your profile, your career aspirations and apply our frameworks

  • We have helped more than 100 students prepare for and gain admission in ISB over the last 10 years - each school is different and using our large database we know how to appeal to specific B school adcoms and aligning each candidate with the school values, strengths and success profiles

  • These are all great questions and these are also the right questions to ask - unfortunately the answers to these questions are much more complex and requires us to work with you, understand who you are, your life journey, your career aspirations, validate your career goals and then work out an application startegy for you

  • Apart from the team section below, if you are looking for more information, feel free to view my LinkedIn profile - I have recorded many videos on how to answer specific question type - you can view those in my youtube channel indradeep.mazumdar

  • Our biggest differentiator is that our team all have advanced business degrees and come with a minimum of 10 years experience. They all bring their own experience to the role; however, we have used our own experience to determine frameworks and models that work best for different students. We understand how every student is different and our customised solution is never the same for two students


Our team of experienced and senior consultants has been hand-selected. The most relevant consultants are selected to work with you based on your selected college, background and desired post MBA work. Please contact us if you need details about our consultants

Indradeep Mazumdar

Founder and CEO

Indradeep has more than 15 years experience as a consultant and in a corporate environment within India, US and Australia. He has worked in areas of strategy consulting, product management, technology and innovation and in HR and corporate governance. His experience spans across start-ups, small to medium businesses and with the largest multinational and listed corporates. He also works with founders, CEOs, General Managers and Board on numerous matters and helps organisations manage growth
He holds double masters degree - Masters of Engineering from University of Queensland and MBA from Australian Graduate School of Management, University of New South Wales
He is able to combine his life experience with your goals so that your essays appear to be well thought of, achieveable given your career so far and the school you are applying to

Manas Srivatsava

Cornell - MBA Class of 2021 Application counselor

Affiliated with technology for 10+ years, Manas is a computer Science Engineering undergrad, a masters in IT Marketing from India and an MBA focused in Technology Product Management from Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management. Having coded for 2.5 years and with 7+ years experience in broadly 3 functions - Technology Customer Lifecycle Management, Tech Entrepreneurship and Product Management functions at CPG and various Tech Startups in Logistics, e-Commerce and Consumer Internet Mobile Apps, Manas chose Cornell for his MBA because the school advocates community learning and that was a direct match to his personality.


We work with students across the globe as most of our discussions happen on the phone or through web meetings

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